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About Us

White Glove Janitorial Services and Supplies has been providing exemplary service for 23 years.  Founded by Robin Mugge and Kristine Thiessen in 1987, White Glove has grown from a small residential cleaning service in Northwest Iowa to become a highly trusted janitorial company with a widespread mid-west territory.  We specialize in services for both Commercial and Residential properties and maintain a commitment to personalized service plans that prioritize our clients’ needs and budgets.

Our cleaning staff is highly trained and screened.  We have firm guidelines and expectations to which all of our employees are held.  You can feel confident that we will deliver outstanding results for your janitorial needs.

The name White Glove was chosen because we adhere to the tradition of cleanliness represented by the “White Glove Test.”  This test brings to mind an image of a meticulous housekeeper putting on a white glove and running a finger along a counter to see how much dust is accumulated.  It is a method of testing how well the area has been kept clean.  Today it has come to represent the idea of an extreme attention to detail and thoroughness.  We guarantee that our services will pass your mother’s white glove test!



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