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Client Care

Why choose White Glove for your cleaning needs?  Because we genuinely care about pleasing our clients. 

At White Glove we are so dedicated to taking care of our clients that we have established a system to handle priority needs or problems.  We have an 800 number available to clients specifically for the purpose of handling any concerns or last minute needs that might come up.  This phone line is actively monitored during business hours and given absolute priority; messages left after hours are returned immediately the next morning with information on when and how the concern will be addressed.  Using this line, we can also handle special requests on very short notice.  This is a direct line for a direct response.

White Glove also carries out regular inspections of the facilities we service; this further emphasizes our dedication to Client Care.  During inspections we ensure that our clients are receiving the absolute highest quality of care.  We also stay alert to any additional issues that might need to be addressed – we watch for building or facility problems such as water leaks, outlet troubles, floor maintenance issues, insect problems, or carpet spots.  By choosing White Glove you can relax and know that we are actively looking out for you and your facility.



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