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Spring and Fall Cleaning
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Is it time to open up the summer cottage by the lake?  Let us take care of the cleaning, so you can relax and know that your cottage will be ready for you to walk in and enjoy.

White Glove’s Cottage service is specialized to meet our customer’s needs.  We offer a free walk-through bid to discuss your personalized needs and options.  The Cottage service often includes a very thorough Deep Clean, which reaches all of those neglected corners and closets that are sure to have collected dust during the winter months.  During a Deep Clean, our staff pulls out all furniture, takes pictures and items off walls, and cleans under and around areas that might not always be reached.  We also clean inside of cabinets and closets, and wash windows inside and out.  This assures our customer that the Cottage is fresh, bright and ready for summer!  The Cottage opening service can also include washing bedding and making beds, as well as cleaning and setting out patio/lawn furniture. 

We are happy to set up a regular summer service for you – weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or on-call.

Likewise, White Glove also provides a Cottage closing service.  After enjoying the summer months, let us do a final cleaning for you and make sure your cottage is ready to be closed up for winter.  Cottage closing often includes a personalized cleaning checklist along with taking bedding off beds, washing and packing bedding for storage, covering furniture, and closing all blinds or curtains.



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