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Spring and Fall Cleaning
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White Glove will work with an elderly customer and his or her children to create a plan to accommodate individual needs.  We offer an initial free walk-through bid to discuss your personalized needs and options.  We often arrange for 2 hours per week or bi-weekly.  The high-traffic areas of the home are the cleaning focus, and then the remaining time can be used to address any needs the customer has that week, such as cleaning and organizing inside cupboards, washing bedding and making beds, cleaning windows, moving or rearranging furniture, dusting light fixtures, and cleaning out the refrigerator or stove.

This service can help the elderly stay in their home longer, stay healthier in a clean environment, and feel more independent.  They will no longer feel obligated to call on their children for help, and their children can feel assured that their parent has a regular visitor while they might be out of town.  White Glove can also arrange to call in reports to children after each elderly visit.



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