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We Make Your Floor Shine

Keeping your floor clean and shiny is essential to maintaining the clean appearance of your facility. WhiteGlove specializes in a variety of floor services. For linoleum/sheet flooring, we are available to strip and wax the floor; we also deep scrub linoleum and apply a topcoat to keep your floor looking spotless, polished and new. If you are looking for a burnishing service, we can set up an annual maintenance plan based on your needs. If you have inlaid floor tile, WhiteGlove specializes in a machine scrub that deep cleans with a special focus on grout lines and edging. Contact us to set up a free personalized walk-through bid to discuss your floor work needs.

White Glove knows floors. We can give advice on how to best care for your floors. Have you noticed a circular wear pattern under your desk chairs? Chances are you have “carpet casters” on your chairs instead of “hard surface casters.” If you use the incorrect casters, they may wear into hard surface floors, grinding off the top surface of floor finish and causing irreparable damage. Your floors will require a finish applied over the wear pattern before the casters cause permanent damage to the finish of the actual floor tile. Additionally, we recommend chair mats under deskwork areas to eliminate altogether any floor damage that may be caused by rolling chairs.

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